Hog Roast Ashton-under-Lyne for a Medieval May Day Banquet

This is the time of year when people all over the country get together at local gatherings to enjoy the annual resurgence of regional traditions, particularly local folk music and dancing, at May Day celebrations across the UK. One village in our local area, decided this year, to organise a full-blown medieval feast and go the whole hog (quite literally!) by hiring Hog Roast Ashton-under-Lyne to do the catering! As hog roast cooking is as about traditional as it gets, we were the first port of call for the committee organisers. They discovered after reading some of our reviews, that we could meet all of their needs, not only in terms of offering a great traditional showpiece to compliment the rest of the medieval merriment taking place, but also because we have a wide range of menus to suit all tastes and diets. Whilst our spirit remains true to our hog roasting ancestors, we are also always moving with the times and constantly reviewing and updating our menus to ensure everyone can enjoy the food and the fun, whether they don’t eat meat or have a food intolerance.

With this in mind, we suggested a mixed menu of a classic hog roast served with the crispiest crackling around, plus several salad and vegetable choices and the option of gluten-free bread rolls. Delighted with the diversity of our menu, the event organisers couldn’t wait to greet us on the day of the big feast. Peter, the head of the village committee, who was already adorned in his medieval finery, gave us centre stage in the middle of the village square, as he wanted everyone to enjoy the cooking process and get involved. That was fine by us, because for the Hog Roast Ashton-under-Lyne team, the service is just as important as the food, and we are happy to be in the thick of it and chat to the revellers as we are preparing a delicious feast for them!

With traditional music, dancing and slow -roasted meat, the villagers couldn’t have asked for a better May Day celebration and Hog Roast Ashton-under-Lyne received lots of compliments about how our time-honoured cooking method and varied menu made the day extra special! So much so that they’ve asked us to come back and do it all over again next year!

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