The Perfect Treat For Your Employee’s – Hog Roast Swinton

As well as catering weddings, birthdays, and plenty of other private parties, did you know that Hog Roast Swinton often caters corporate hospitality events too? We’ve spent years perfecting our corporate menus, but we’re also extremely flexible with our customers and their needs, so if you need to mix and match items between menus or create your own bespoke one, you’re more than welcome to, and we can always help you if needed. While our dedicated chefs and servers will attend to your every need on the day, Hog Roast Swinton is there for you from the very start too, when you’re planning your business event or party in advance, and that’s whether it’s a conference, Christmas do, team building function or anything in-between.

Hog Roast SwintonWhen Peter called Hog Roast Swinton to book a staff lunch a while back, he was keen to try our famous hog roast but was also aware that he needed to ensure his guests’ tastes and diets were covered. With some preferring a different meat and two vegetarians to cater, he asked us for our advice and when we told him about our amazing Southern Slow Roast Menu, he was hooked. This menu gives you three different marinated meats and four sides, which you get to choose from several, and there’s even a vegetarian option available already, so Peter thought it would be perfect, especially as one of the meats is our barbecued pork, which he also wanted to sample.

In addition to our pork, Peter chose spicy whole roasted chickens and beef brisket, two garden-fresh salad dishes, mac and cheese and spicy sweet potato wedges, and also asked us to include the vegetarian option of halloumi and veg skewers.

On the day of Peter’s work party, where he wanted to treat his employees for their hard work, our team set up our equipment in the grounds early in the morning and got to work slowly cooking the marinated meats for several hours, until they were so tender and full of flavour. Nearer to the time of service, we prepared and cooked the mac and cheese and wedges, put together our homemade coleslaw and a Greek salad, grilled the veggie skewers, and then it was finally time to serve at 1pm, and the hungry guests couldn’t wait to dig in.