Christmas Party – Hog Roast Shaw

With Christmas just a matter of weeks away we have been getting telephone calls and emails constantly for the last few weeks, it seems lots are eager to celebrate the festive season with a nice hog roast Shaw! We have had lots of enquires for corporate events too for staff Christmas parties and we are so busy.

Saturday we were catering for an early Christmas celebration a couple were going abroad for a few months and spending Christmas away so they wanted to hold a party for family and friends since they wouldn’t be here, they asked if we could do Christmas hog roast Shaw lunch and we told them we were experts! Catering for fifty and we arrived early morning to get well prepared for the day ahead. The table was all laid beautifully when we arrived so it was a case of setting our prep table up and that machine. On the hog roast Shaw machine we placed lots of plump fresh turkeys delivered to us from the best supplier in the business. As the turkeys began to cook our chefs were already preparing the vegetables roasted potatoes and parsnip with turnip and of course good old sprouts. We then made a lovely fresh sage and onion stuffing and delicious thick gravy using the juices from the turkey and we were ready to serve. As the guests arrived they all headed over to us to watch as our chef removed the turkeys so moist and tender and carved the meat into thick juicy slices, the guests took their seats and we began to serve.

The guests were all telling us that the turkey was the most tender and moist turkey they had ever eaten, no dry meats from us and so many are put off with turkey as its considered dry well it never is the way we cook it! The guests all enjoyed their meal and we served them a lovely Christmas pudding and white sauce that we had lovingly made using delicious fruits and fine spirits it really did feel like Christmas and got us into the Christmas spirit too all we needed now was snow…