This Year, Santa brings you the gift of Ho Ho Hog Roast Openshaw’s festive dishes

Hog Roast OpenshawWe’ve heard from Santa’s little workers that even the jolly man himself doesn’t love anything more than a hearty, savoury large meal for Christmas – accompanied by a cold Coca-Cola, of course -. Have you written your letter to Santa yet? If not, then you might as well write to Hog Roast Openshaw asking for a Santa approved festive meal, provided to you and your dear ones by only the best caterers.

Whether you choose the star of your festive meal to be the slow roasted pig, accompanied by a freshly made apple sauce or the roasted turkeys, with sourly sweet cranberry sauce, you’re bound to feel as jolly as Santa after getting a taste of the lovingly prepared meats by the Hog Roast Openshaw’s team. The team was also informed that Mrs Christmas isn’t a fan of meat and so Hog Roast Openshaw have ensured that vegan and vegetarian options are also available for those just like her, so that everyone can get to experience the gift of the festive meal offered by them. They offer grilled vegetables and halloumi skewers as well as BBQ pulled jackfruit, both bursting with flavour, making even the meat lovers’ mouth water at the smell and sight of them.

Hog Roast OpenshawThat’s all Santa has told us…But it feels like something is still missing. Thankfully, Hog Roast Openshaw seems to have figured it out, seeing that they also offer the best way to end a large festive meal, leaving both adults and kids as jolly as they could be on a chill Christmas evening. Dessert! Hog Roast Openshaw gives a choice of traditional, warm mince pies or, if you’re more of a chocolate enjoyer, the chocolate Yule log may be more to your preference. If you’re a true sweet lover, you may just want both!

If you also want to spend Christmas like Santa, be sure to book your festive meal with Hog Roast Openshaw, before it’s too late! Christmas only comes once a year after all!