Hog Roast Old Trafford does corporate lunches 

Hog Roast Old Trafford had a corporate lunch event last week. Corporate lunches are always time-pressured as the staff have a limited time to travel to the location, pick up the tasty food and eat it. It usually involves high numbers as well so no pressure for Hog Roast Old Trafford! Nevertheless, the team is experienced and efficient with this type of service, so it always runs smoothly.  

Hog Roast Old TraffordThe lovely Sophie had been in charge of the lunch opting for Hog Roast Old Trafford’s speciality and a few extras. The Hog Roast Old Trafford team was to serve the 150 staff members from midday until half 1pm. Usually, the company’s lunch hour was from midday until one however, some of the staff had to get to the site from the other end of the rather large building so the company’s director had given the staff a half an hour leeway. 

From midday, the staff indulged in a delicious pulled pork and stuffing bap with a side of crisp cracking, mixed salad, crunchy coleslaw and chips. It is always very satisfying to hear the guests crunch on the crackling as the crunch always signifies great crackling! Many of the staff topped their pulled pork bap or wrap with the coleslaw rather than a sauce which Hog Roast Old Trafford thought was a brilliant idea! Most staff members opted for the sweet chilli sauce over the other choices of traditional apple, ketchup (although this was mainly for the chips!), yoghurt and mint and BBQ. 

Sophie had also added on chicken kebabs for anyone who could not eat pork for religious reasons. The chicken kebabs have a nice tang to them and are layered with Mediterranean vegetables. 

Hog Roast Old TraffordThe vegetarian and vegan staff members enjoyed BBQ pulled jackfruit in a soft tortilla wrap. Hog Roast Old Trafford ensured that the coleslaw had been made with vegan mayonnaise so that they did not miss out on any of the sides. 

The director tried a bit of everything, including the chicken kebabs and jackfruit. He reported that he loved the food, the pulled pork bap being his favourite part of his meal and that everyone had said how nice the food was making it a very successful event. Hopefully Hog Roast Old Trafford will be seeing everyone for future events.