Hog Roast Moston – Our Last Corporate Christmas Party Was The Best!

As you can imagine, office Christmas parties are in abundance every December, which keeps the Hog Roast Moston team on their toes. You know us, though – that’s exactly how we like it! For our passionate team of caterers, being busy just means we’re having lots of fun, and we’re ecstatic to share that in the run-up to Christmas, our team was very, very busy!

Hog Roast MostonFrom the beginning of the month, right up until a few days before the holidays, our team was tasked with catering for one workplace party after another. Ending a long-stream of fantastic services with a bang, our final corporate holiday party of the year was our favourite one by far.

Our client at this event was Ethan, who runs a successful start-up business nearby. Giving his company celebration a quirky twist, he had decided to plan a festive-themed murder mystery party for his small group of office staff as a way of saying thank you for all of the hard work they had put in. Despite having been around the block more than a time or two, this kind of event is something Hog Roast Moston had never seen done before at this time of year, and it was a welcome change to the norm.

Ethan’s holiday-style ‘whodunnit’ proved to be a popular decision with the guests as well! All of his staff had a great time piecing ‘evidence’ together until they found out who killed Santa Claus.

All that detective work was hungry work, though, so it was just as well Hog Roast Moston had prepared a bountiful Christmas lunch for everyone, which included tasty turkey with sage and onion stuffing, fresh-made cranberry sauce, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets, cauliflower cheese and a mixture of glazed seasonal vegetables. With one vegan and two vegetarians, our team also prepared some grilled vegetable kebabs with halloumi, sweet chilli sauce, tzatziki dip and flatbreads.

Hog Roast MostonRounding off this incredible evening, Hog Roast Moston presented the group with non-alcoholic and alcoholic versions of our homemade mulled wine and mince pies with warm brandy cream, which went down a storm!