Summer food trends of 2021 with Hog Roast Eccles

Foods come in and out of fashion in the same way that clothes do. Most changes happen seasonally, with some dishes just tasting so much better on a summers day! Contrastingly, some dishes were designed to be enjoyed in the winter. Hog Roast Eccles have menus that are suitable annually, with dishes that can be chosen to suit the seasons. Here is just one example of a delicious summer menu!

Hog Roast EcclesThis summer, we were asked to cater for a ball, using dishes that are trending in 2021. This event required formal catering including canapés, a starter, a main course, and dessert. This was a great catering theme since it helped the ball to feel much more modern and up to date by providing dishes that are currently popular and trending. Since so many of our dishes are incredibly versatile, Hog Roast Eccles was excited to get started!

As the guests arrived, they were presented with a selection of delicious canapés. We served mini pizzas, roasted duck, gourmet sausage, and chicken satay skewers. This set a formal tone for the evening and introduced the guests to our delicious catering.

The canapés were followed by a Scottish smoked salmon starter, accompanied by prawns, seasonal leaves, avocado, and brown bread. This dish was served tableside by our Hog Roast Eccles waiting staff.

For the main course, the guests chose between slow-roasted pork and sirloins of English beef. Both dishes were cooked to perfection and served with a selection of excellent accompaniments. For the side dishes, we provided freshly made salad and roasted new potatoes.

The catering ended with a selection of desserts served tableside, including profiteroles and sticky toffee pudding. The desserts were beautifully presented and served with fresh tea and coffee.

Whatever the season, Hog Roast Eccles have an ideal menu for your event. With a variety of catering styles and an incredible list of meals, we have something for every guest to enjoy. To book your catering today, simply let us know your party size, date and location and we can begin to plan your catering package.