Return to the office with Hog Roast Pendlebury catering

With COVID-19 restrictions almost entirely eased in England, the government has advised workers to resume working from the office, rather than at home. For many, this will be the news they have been waiting for since office environments are often much more suitable for motivation and hard work. However, for others, working from home provides a nice change from a busy office environment and removes their commute to and from work. To improve the experience of returning to the office, why not hire Hog Roast Pendlebury to provide some delicious catering for your team?

Hog Roast PendleburyFor a local estate agent, their 75 staff members had been working almost entirely from home during the pandemic. When government restrictions advised returning to the office, this presented a big change for the company and would greatly affect the day-to-day life of the staff. To motivate the employees to return to the office and to ease the transition, Hog Roast Pendlebury were hired to cater for the first day back. We were asked to provide our classic slow-roasted pig menu since it is an ideal lunchtime meal and can be enjoyed by all.

For the catering, we prepared a small hog, as well as vegetable and halloumi skewers for the 6 vegetarian guests. The hog took approximately 4 hours to slow-roast to perfection, ensuring that it was packed full of natural juices and flavours. We accompanied the main dishes with crunchy coleslaw, seasonal leaves, and Caesar salad, as well as sweet potato fries and home style chips.

Our catering created a delicious balanced lunch for the employees and made a great change from the usual pre-packaged salads or sandwiches. It also definitely made a difference to the morale of the staff and gave them something positive to enjoy on their first day back at the office!

We have over 7 different corporate menus on offer, with a dish to suit every guest. To book your catering today, simply let Hog Roast Pendlebury know your party size, date, and location and we can begin to plan your ideal catering package.