Hog Roast Salford’s formal wedding dining package

Your wedding is your special day, so we understand how important it is to make sure every detail is perfect. Because of this, we have created a customisable formal wedding dining package, which includes canapes, entrees and desserts. You get to choose your menu options for every course, depending on what style and taste you and your partner prefer! Here is an in-depth look at our formal wedding dining package…


As your guests arrive, our Hog Roast Salford waiting team will be on hand to serve a variety of canapes. Serving canapes sets an elegant and formal tone for the evening, which is reflecting throughout our catering. We have a wide selection of canapes on offer and usually serve 5 different dishes. Our most popular options include pan-seared fillet of beef, roasted duck and smoked Scottish salmon. Our waiting staff will also serve every guest a drink as they enter the venue.


Your entrees will be served buffet style, to allow your guests to choose from a couple of different options. We have a variety of entrees to choose from, with a dish to suit every dietary requirement or preference. Our speciality is a slow-roasted pig, which is cooked to perfection at your venue. We also offer chicken, lamb, turkey, and sirloin steaks, as well as vegetarian and vegan options. All of our main courses are accompanied by your choice of side dishes and salad options.


hog roast SalfordYour wedding cake is the dessert everybody will be drawn to, but it is always a good idea to offer a couple of other options for your guests to choose between. We suggest choosing options that compliment your wedding cake, such as fresh fruit salad or profiteroles. Following on from the desserts, our Hog Roast Salford waiting staff can also serve your guests’ fresh tea or coffee, along with some refreshing mints.

Our catering package is the perfect way to prepare your guests for your entertainment, whether that is a musician or disco. Delicious food is a necessity for every wedding and Hog Roast Salford make sure to deliver on this promise with every dish we cook! To book your wedding catering today, get in touch using the enquiry form on our website.