Hog Roast Denton – Vegetarian Birthday

Catering for a birthday event at the weekend with Hog Roast Denton, for a lovely girl that we have catered for before Katie. Katie is a vegetarian and she always says she wouldn’t have anyone but us catering for her and we love that! We arrived at her home early morning and set up our machine on the machine we placed some parsnips and carrots and seasoned them with lots of herbs and spices we then made some of Katie’s favourites our vegetable skewers using tomatoes, mushrooms, red and green peppers and cheese and threading them on sticks we then drizzled them in olive oil and lots of lovely freshly grounded herbs. We brought with us some freshly baked quiche. We then set about making a fresh salad using lots of different salad leaves tomatoes, spring onions, cucumber, celery and feta cheese topped with crispy croutons and drizzled in a lovely tangy dressing. We placed some corn on the cob on sticks drizzled them in oil and set them onto cook. People are often amazed that with us being hog roasters that we also cook for vegetarians and we aim to please all!

Katie and her guests arrived and we were ready to serve the Hog Roast Denton, Katie couldn’t thank us enough and she said the food looked amazing and Katie and her guests were even more impressed when they tasted the food. we had lots of her friends coming over to us and asking if we had some cards as they were keen to book us for a future event. We handed out lots of cards and lots were coming over and telling us how wonderful the Hog Roast Denton  food tasted. We told them that we only use the freshest of produce and we love nothing more than seeing our customers happy. Katie had a lovely birthday and she said that we made her birthday a huge success. And hearing compliments like that really makes us happy! We set off home with a few orders under our belts and lots of enquires on our website and when we come away from events with orders we couldn’t be prouder .

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