Hog Roast Bredbury – Lunch With Friends

Having being in business for over thirty years, at Hog Roast Bredbury we have gained a wealth of loyal customers who come back to us time and time again. And on Saturday we were out catering for Ron and Janice some of our regulars who have been with us from the very start. They were having friends over from New Zealand again and we know these guests well too they tell us they boast back home about us being their favourite caters. We arrived mid morning and set up in the big out buildings the area was built for parties and a great area it is too.

We set up the large machine and placed some lamb on the machine our lamb comes from the best suppliers in the UK who supply us with all our meat. Lamb just wouldn’t be lamb without our mint sauce! We made a huge batch of it and placed it in a bowl we then set about making the salad bowls we use an assortment of leaves and fresh salad vegetables again from our top suppliers who supply us with quality produce time and time again. We then placed the buns and wraps on the tables and we take the credit for these! We bake all our buns fresh for each event and we think that is the way it should be nothing but the very best each and every time.

Janice was as always supervising where the Hog Roast Bredbury food should go she loves to help and really is a lovely lady and she tells us how proud she is of us and how we always do a great job. When the guests arrived looking very jet lagged and famished we served. The lamb was so moist and tender and just fell off the bone it never fails to amaze us to how tender and full of goodness our meats cook.

The guests were telling us that they had been looking forward to the Hog Roast Bredbury feast all through the long flight and saying that we are the best they have ever tasted.

We stopped behind and had a catch up after we served as we know these people so well they are now considered very good friends.