Hog Roast Pendlebury – Christening

Catering at the weekend for a Christening with Hog Roast Pendlebury. Christenings are becoming ever so popular lately and we really enjoy doing them. Catering for 100 and catering in a lovely village in the middle of nowhere. We arrived nice and early and as soon as we arrived we were met by the couple that were ever so excited to get their first baby christened. We were shown into a room to cater from and the couple left us to it as they went to get ready and go to the church.

They left a huge table out and we covered it in a crisp white cloth. We set up our machine and placed the pig onto cook we scored the skin and rubbed in sea salt to make the perfect crackling. As the Hog Roast Pendlebury cooked we then set about preparing the side dishes, we prepared a fresh green salad, coleslaw, vegetable skewers, and lots of dips. We placed some freshly baked food on the table some quiche, sausage rolls and mini pasties along with some freshly baked bread buns. The table looked amazing and the pork smelt divine! And bang on time the guests arrived from the church and ready for lunch. Our chef removed the crackling and cut it into squares and placed it on a platter, the Hog Roast Pendlebury was so succulent and moist and was cut into slices and the guests were all eager to taste. We were getting compliments left right and centre and everyone saying that they had never tasted pork like it, they were astonished at the crackling as are most when they taste for the very first time. The baby was gurgling away unaware what all the fuss was over and not a pick of bother and the couple said the baby smiled all the way though the church service. After everyone ate we cleared away and left the area spick and span and said our farewells to everyone. As we headed home we all chatted about the day and congratulated each on a very good day. We are happy caterers we have to say.