Corporate Event For Hog Roast Beswick

They do say “ practice makes perfect” and with over thirty years experience here at hog roast Beswick we have to agree. We always thrive for more and always looking for new recipes and ideas for our food and it doesn’t go unnoticed. We were in our home town last week catering for a very high class corporate event we brought with us the finest table wear and of course food and upon arrival we set to work. Catering for 100 guests and we made a selection of the finest foods. Bowls of potato salad, green salad and fresh nut salads a huge basket filled with the finest breads was placed in the centre of the table the bread smelt amazing freshly baked by our amazing bakers for the event. A huge cheese board was placed on the table with lots of crackers too and we dressed some in smoked salmon and were very pleasing on the eye. We cooked lots of chickens and when they were cooked we sliced the breast and placed the legs on a separate plate we cooked some lamb too and shredded the lamb it was so succulent. We made some little canapés and filled them with salmon and cheeses and made some lovely sauces too. When the guests arrived they were ready for lunch and we helped them with the serving of the foods filling their plates the guests were chatting to us asking about the hog roast Beswick and saying it was the best lunch they had every had!

Glasses of the finest champagne were passed about and the crowd were very merry as we said good-bye. The organiser asked us if we would consider making this a regular thing every month? We said of course we could and made a note in our diary that happens a lot to us and our order books are now bulging with orders we couldn’t be more pleased and cannot thank our loyal customers enough for we owe it all to them and as a reward we keep the costs down as much as possible and that is we feel one of the things that keeps customers coming back for more hog roasts Beswick.