Anniversary Party – Hog Roast Burnage

We have lots of experience in hog roasting and can safely say we are one of the best around! We are very modest but we have had fantastic feedback and reviews from customers from all over the country. We treat every job like it’s our very first and deliver nothing but a first class service no matter what the occasion or size of the event we give one hundred and ten percent. At the weekend we were catering for an Anniversary party for 300 guests  with our hog roast Burnage and as we pulled up outside of the hall we were very impressed. We entered the building and were met by the couple who showed us to the room to cater from and we began to do our magic!

Anniversary Party – Hog Roast We brought with us two machines and loaded one with lamb and beef and the other with rows of chickens plenty of variety for the guests to enjoy. The hog roast Burnage was going to be shredded and placed into large heated containers and the guests would be making their own sandwiches filled with lots of delicious salads and slaws all prepared and made fresh on the day. The couple came to chat with us and watched as we removed the meats and shredded them it took no effort at all as the meats just fall from the bone they said they were “flabbergasted” at how everything was looking and when the guests arrived we began to serve the guests were in awe of the hog roast Burnage and said they had never tasted food like it, some said they had sampled hog roast food before but said ours was on another level and it is so nice to hear good feed back. The party was soon in full swing everyone enjoying themselves and coming back for seconds and thirds nothing pleases us more than seeing that! We left a pile of menus for guests to take showing what we do and lots of the guests picked up the menus and we are almost certain we will be getting bookings from this event as it is becoming a habit now a good one at that.