Christening – Hog Roast Moston

As we left on Sunday morning it began to snow although it looked nice it did nothing for the roads and we were so happy we had set out early. We were providing a hog roast Moston for a Christening in a lovely little village and as we arrived the village looked like a Christmas card with the light dusting of snow on the rooftops and trees. We arrived at the church and were met by the Vicar who showed us into the main hall the tables were all set out and covered in a white cloth and all we had to do was fill the tables with our hog roast Moston! We placed two nice pieces of lamb on the machine and on the underside placed some potatoes to slow cook. As the food cooked we began to make some fillings for the potatoes we made tuna and mayonnaise, cheese and onion and a lightly spiced curry. We made heaps and heaps of salad and placed them in bowls and dotted them around the tables.

We also made creamy coleslaw and some mint sauce and a tomato salad using lots of lovely fresh little cherry tomatoes. All our produce is from local reliable suppliers we use nothing but the very best as nothing less will ever do. As the guests arrived we were ready to serve and our chef carved the lamb it was so moist and just fell apart we shredded it and placed it on servers and the potatoes we placed on servers too along with the assortment of fillings for the guests to use to fill the potatoes. We also placed baskets of fresh buns on the tables and the guests filled them with lamb and salad and we had lots of wonderful compliments from the guests about the lamb and mint sauce. The baby slept the whole way through and the couple couldn’t thank us enough for making their day perfect and they said they would most definitely be booking us again for another hog roast Moston and recommending us to all which is nice to hear when we host an event and it happens now where ever we go.