Catering Your Wedding In Real Style

When you’re looking for caterers for your truly special wedding day, only the best will do, and in terms of delicious homemade food to suit everyone you’re inviting, that’s Hog Roast Hulme each and every time. We’ve spent many years providing tasty morsels for all kinds of celebrations and commemorations, and in terms of weddings, that includes both formal and informal reception meals, breakfasts and buffets, catering for either hundreds of guests, just a handful or somewhere in-between, and always with scrumptious offerings such as our hog roasts, spit roasts, meat-free dishes and additional dishes so that you can enjoy a menu of multi courses.

Whether you’re thinking of having a casual get-together or a posh do, Hog Roast Hulme food is more than suitable, and our highly-experienced and trained experts will make you proud on the day by freshly preparing, cooking and serving your chosen food to our very high standards. From a simple yet moreish serving of our pigs in buns to a hog roast or spit roast centrepiece accompanied by your choice of sides such as fresh salads and coleslaw or seasonal vegetables and potatoes, we’re sure that you’ll love the main that you decide on, and you can always add starters, sides, desserts or canapés to your heart’s content if you prefer too.

Hog Roast HulmeWhile you’re welcome to create your own menu from scratch in this way, we also have various wedding menus of our own for you to select from, such as our Italian-style Alfresco Wedding Menu, our Entry-Level Menu, our Wedding Catering Menu With Canapés And Drinks Service, the same menu but with Dessert added, our Formal Wedding Catering Menu, our Wedding Catering Menu With Evening Buffet and our Formal Wedding Catering Menu With Evening Buffet. We have something for everyone on offer and if you have any guests with dietary needs, just let us know when you book and we’ll help you to decide on their perfect dishes too.

Hog Roast Hulme can cater your wedding in real style and with food to suit everyone, so contact us today and speak to us about your special day.