Title Party Celebrations With Hog Roast Irlam

Hog Roast IrlamWe’re not much ones here for sport here at Hog Roast Irlam (we love our hog roasts too much to have any time or energy to be running around), but we know a good celebration when we see one, and with Manchester City claiming their 4th Premier League title in a row this past weekend, we had some joyous Hog Roast Irlam customers in need of some celebratory dining for their title parties.

In anticipation of this final clincher weekend in the English football season, Hog Roast Irlam was contacted by local Manc and longtime City supporter, George Craig, who wanted to bring in our roast catering for his watch party and (hopefully) subsequent title celebration with his supporters group. George isn’t able to get along to the games so much anymore, so instead over the last few years he has put together a small group of dedicated supporters that watch the game either at his house or their favourite local pub each weekend. Since this final game of the season was assured to be a big one whichever way the results fell, George felt it apt to go bigger with his matchday plans and bring in our catering. It might not quite simulate the real matchday experience at the Etihad, but with fresh hog roast rolls, homemade burgers, sausages, grilled skewers and even some meat and veggie pies, it’s most assuredly the next best thing – plus there is no lengthy half time queue for the pie stand!

Hog Roast IrlamWith the match kicking off at 4PM on Sunday our chefs arrived to the venue just after midday to begin our roast. That way our foods were ready to go come kick-off, and throughout the match we also prepared another batch of fresh buffet picks for the celebrations afterwards too – as they looked more and more likely as the game went on.

City of course clinched the title and George got the party he was after. We at Hog Roast Irlam were just happy to be able to fuel the celebrations that, as we are led to believe, went fairly long into the night long after we had packed up our equipment and headed off!