The Busy Year Isn’t Quite Over Yet For Hog Roast Alderley Edge!

You may think that once summer is over, that Hog Roast Alderley Edge is much less busy, but we’re actually busy all-year-round, even in the winter. Many of our customers and their guests enjoy a comforting, warming hog or spit roast served outdoors, and we can sometimes even cook and serve indoors if preferred, as long as there’s enough ventilation and room. And when it comes to tasty food that warms you from the inside out, there’s nothing better than our speciality food – the clue’s in our name – Hog Roast Alderley Edge!

If you’ve yet to try one of our amazing centrepiece hog roasts, you really are in for a treat. All your senses will all be suitably impressed, from the meaty aromas swirling around to the meat itself that’s a real sight for sore eyes, and then once you taste it, you’ll certainly be hooked and you’ll no doubt be back for seconds! While we can roast a hog to make you our fabulous pigs in buns for you and your guests, we can cook a full meal instead if you prefer, like pork, crackling, apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing, served with herby new potatoes and seasonal vegetables, and then drowned in our delicious onion gravy. We have plenty of options available if you prefer something altogether different, but for Jane and Martin’s engagement party, they knew exactly what they wanted served by our chef, and that’s our succulent hog roast rolls.

When Jane called us, she had been recommended by a friend and was looking forward to hiring caterers for the first time. She was also looking forward to trying pigs in buns for the first time ever, too, so we couldn’t wait for her and her fiancé and all of their guests to try a slice of heaven, Hog Roast Alderley Edge style.

On the day of the party, we met Jane and Martin at the local hotel venue, and set our equipment up in the gardens next to their marquee. Hours later and we had a gorgeous hog resting and ready to carve, so we could fill fresh bread rolls and wraps with meat, crackling, stuffing and apple sauce. Once we got the knives out, the hordes headed our way and began to queue up, with Jane at the front, licking her lips in anticipation!