From An Unbeatable Hog Roast To A Beautiful BBQ –  Hog Roast Sale Are The Experts!

Hog Roast Sale are the leading local experts in hog roast catering, and no one does it better than us! If you want exceptionally succulent meat that is oozing with flavour for any number of guests, we are the caterers who can provide it. We always take extra special care when preparing our hogs to maintain our high standard of quality, texture and flavour. The same is true with all the other meats that we provide – and if you haven’t already checked out our menu options, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much variety we actually offer in addition to our signature hog roasts.

Hog Roast Sale offer a multitude of meaty menus that are cooked and presented in different styles, depending on your preferences:

  • Classic hog roast sandwiches, spit roasted to perfection and served with crispy crackling and homemade apple sauce
  • Additional slow roasted large joints of meat including sirloin of beef, spring lamb and festive turkey
  • Whole spit roasted rotisserie chickens cooked over open flames until they are juicy and delicious
  • BBQ food served hot off the grill including our own handmade sausages, gourmet beef burgers and marinated chicken kebabs

Hog Roast SaleApart from our meats that require a longer prep time, we cook them all onsite on the day of the event. Whether it is a slow roasted succulent joint of meat, a tender hog roast, or flame grilled BBQ food, we will cook it all in full view of our diners. The aroma never fails to whet everyone’s appetites, not to mention the impressive visual spectacle we provide by cooking up a great meaty feast in front of our expectant diners.

You won’t find food that is any fresher or meats that are more expertly prepared from any other mobile caterers in the area. All our meat products are strictly sourced from the best Red Tractor certified UK meat producers who adhere to ethical, free-range methods.

If you want a menu that celebrates meat at its finest for your event, Hog Roast Sale would be happy to do the honours!