Celebrations With A Hog Roast In Middleton

Sunday marked the day of our 10th birthday a huge milestone for us! A business venture that started by chance and one that grows stronger and stronger as the years go by. So we decided to mark this auspicious day we would give a little back and decided to hold a party free for all at our local village with a hog roast in Middleton. We sent out a message on social media of our plans and the response got huge interest so we knew we would be catering for a fair few. Two pigs and lamb we thought with lots of little extras and away we went. We arrived a few hours before and set up shop as they say. The meat on the machines and cooking away! Roast duck fat potatoes were then put on to cook and then it was a case of chopping and dicing the huge amount of salad ingredients we brought. We were starting to get a crowd in no time and we chatted to passers by and handed out leaflets, which we had specially printed for the day and one kind shop owner came over and presented us with a huge bunch of balloons wishing us a happy 10th birthday which was so sweet! Soon we had a huge crowd and it was time to serve our hog roast Middleton, we got snapped in photographs a few times as the local evening news had decided to run a story on us which was a nice surprise. Then came the food! Crackling, moist on the inside and crisp on the top was passed around as was the lamb which was just melting in the mouth juicy and succulent the pork was a huge hit too and soon we had people digging into the salads the slaws and chutneys. And within the hour it was all gone as we knew it would be. We had a fantastic day with lots of happy people enjoying our wonderful food. A few days later there we were in our local evening paper we even made it to front page! A splendid way to celebrate our 10th birthday and lots of free publicity too, which is always a bonus! We are now wondering what to do for our 11th it’s going to take some topping after this weekend!