Hog Roast Worsley – Choose The Experts For Your Event

Hiring Hog Roast Worsley for your party or event means hiring expert caterers who have the experience, knowledge and training to help make your special occasion a great success. Our chefs and catering assistants are not only passionate about service and dedicated to providing great food made from fresh, local ingredients, but they also know how to ensure that everyone invited can enjoy our food. Just let us know in advance and we can cater for special diets or personal tastes, as we don’t only prepare, cook and serve delicious hog roasts. You can choose a spit roast of lamb, beef, turkey or chicken instead, or a barbecue of sausages, burgers and ribs. We even offer many other options because we know that variety and choice are both key when catering.

Hog Roast Worsley

When Charlie called Hog Roast Worsley to book an informal event for his business, he knew that we would be the perfect choice for corporate hospitality, having hired us multiple times in the past. For this afternoon meal, outdoors at his warehouse, he wanted us to cook a traditional centrepiece hog roast so that we could make pigs in buns (otherwise known as hog roast rolls) for fifty guests but he also needed a vegetarian option and a vegan option. We have plenty of choices for both these diets but Charlie asked us to cook our veggie skewers for both, so we would have to omit the halloumi cheese and instead just grill the yummy vegetables.

On the day of the event, our Hog Roast Worsley chef and team members cooked up a storm for Charlie and his guests but before service, the hog spent several hours roasting away at the venue. After preparing the meat by scoring it, covering it in water and then smothering it in lots of salt, we set our hog roast machine to a low temperature, turned it on and then watched over the meat to make sure it cooked inside and out.

Nearer to serving time, we grilled the skewers of mushrooms, courgette, red and yellow peppers, red onion and tomatoes and prepared the pigs in buns ingredients of stuffing, apple sauce and soft bread rolls. By 2pm, the guests came outside and our chef got the carving knives out.