Hog Roast Farnworth

Hog Roast FarnworthAre you planning a special event in Farnworth, Manchester, but haven’t yet found a caterer to feed your guests. Introducing Hog Roast Farnworth – the leading hog roast caterer in the Manchester region. Despite the fact that we are best-known for our delicious pork, we offer a flexible service that means you have a choice of a whole host of dishes to suit your preferences and dietary needs. Unlike other catering companies, we pay special attention to where we source our ingredients. We believe that great food starts from how it is produced and reared, therefore, we have built a longstanding relationship with local farmers who share our passion for quality, therefore, you’re always guaranteed the very best tasting meat.

Hog Roast Farnworth cater for all types of events, however, most commonly, you’ll find us serving guests at weddings, christenings, birthday parties, anniversaries, backyard gatherings, business functions and even public markets and festivals. However, no event off-limits to us, so if there is event on the horizon that you’d like to book us for, please do get in touch.

The Professional Hog Roasting Service With A Difference In Farnworth

Hog Roast FarnworthWhen hiring us, you never have to worry about a thing. The Hog Roast Farnworth team handle everything from the sourcing of ingredients to the cooking, and even handle the cleanup when the event has come to an end, leaving you with less post-event work to deal with. The team will arrive approximately 6 hours before the start of your event to get the preparation process underway, as it takes this exact number of hours for the pork to cook to perfection and ready to be served. But what about if some of your guests aren’t a fan of pork? Not to worry – we have plenty of other options that are sure to take their fancy. Instead, they could choose from chicken, beef, lamb, duck, turkey and more. And for those who are non-meat eaters, we also have a selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes available on request.

Have a burning question to ask us? Give us a call and send an email and we’ll be happy to have a conversation.