Hog Roast Horwich

Hog Roast HorwichFor Hog Roast Horwich event dining should feel as much an event in itself as the rest of the occasion it is serving. That is why with Hog Roast Horwich your event catering comes stylishly made with incredible high quality both in taste and in service so that your event dining feels like just that: an event. With glorious meats, crispy textures, and lovely smoked roasts you can’t go wrong with a bit of Hog Roast Horwich at your events in Horwich and around Greater Manchester. We are available to hire for any type of event and will always work flexibly to your budget so that no one need miss out on the great taste of our slow-roasted specials! Be it weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, small dinner parties and more, Hog Roast Horwich will provide with our exceptional level of service and fine cooked foods.

Our speciality is what sets us apart. Our unique hog roast is a showstopping attraction befitting of any type of event, and its quality in volume allows for hundreds of guests to be well fed. We make the hog roast in the proper style of spit roasting, meaning that the result is better and your event also benefits from a delightful little fiery display. The result is all the better for this traditional mode too! The rotisserie style of cooking ensures crisp textures all around your pork while the juicy meat inside remains tender and flavoursome. It really does not get better than this!

High Quality Dining With Hog Roast Horwich

Hog Roast HorwichIf you’re not in the mood for a hefty roast we’ve got lighter options, other meats, veggie substitutes and so many sides, salads, aperitifs and more! With Hog Roast Horwich it is fine dining done your way. Our foods and meats come sourced from top local stocks and forms to ensure their quality meets our standards. With better ingredients comes even better results, and you’ll notice the difference in every bite! Importantly, however premium dining does not have to mean premium pricing with Hog Roast Horwich. We work flexible to your budget and needs without ever limiting you on quality. Just simply enjoy our foods without the sweat of a lengthy bill!

We take pride in our foods, and we believe that you should take pride in your events too – so call Hog Roast Horwich today!