Hog Roast Handforth

Hog Roast HandforthRegardless of the type of event or party, they are organising, every host wants to impress their guests, and take care of them, which is where we come in. The Hog Roast Handforth team will happily provide you with spectacular party food that will not break the bank.

We have years of experience, which means that when you hire us you can be sure that everything will go smoothly. Please read on to find out more about our service and the type of food that we offer.

A great range of party food

As well as traditional hog roasts we can cook a range of other meats. Virtually any kind of meat can be spit roasted in our modern hog roasters. In the past, a hog roast was only really a viable option for a big event, but that has all changed. These days we can easily cook smaller joints, like loins or a couple of turkeys rather than a whole hog. This means that more people are hiring us for important family celebrations like birthdays or christenings. It also means that we can now provide the food for formal sit-down events like business lunches or wedding feasts. Our experienced chefs and waiting staff can easily put together a tasty restaurant style meal and serve your guests at the table. This is a very good option for business dinners, weddings and big family events.

Cook your own party food

If you are on a tight budget you may want to do some of the cooking yourself. At Hog Roast Handforth we are more than happy to help you to do so. You can easily hire one of our modern hog roasting machines and use it to cook any kind of spit roasted meat.

Getting a quote from us

All you need to do now is to browse our menus, make a selection and ask us for a quote. Once you have done so, a member of our helpful and friendly team will quickly get in touch to give you a detailed quote.